BDD Projects

Bridging The Digital Divide
BDD Current Programs And Passed Notable Accomplishments

  1. 1. Read by Five Initiative: BDD’s “Read by Five Initiative” has provided computers containing a pre-k curriculum and other educational software to over 300 schools and daycares. The Read by Five Initiatives is designed to improve the academic performance of children by teaching kids ages 2 to 5 how to read and write by age 5. Teachers in childcare centers and after school programs utilize BDD’s Read By 5 Computers and the Read By 5 Computerized Daily Activities Curriculum to teach children the 10 Kindergarten Readiness skills and how to read, write, count and much more by age 5.

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  2. 2. Safe Haven Computer Centers For After School Programs: Safe Haven Computers are placed in low income apartment complexes and community centers. They are used for after school homework assistance and computer literacy training for middle and high school students. These community computer centers are also used for ESL, GED, job training, job searching, computer literacy for seniors and much more.

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  3. 3. The Veteran’s Digital Inclusion Initiative: For Christmas 2011 American Legion Post 416 teamed up with BDD to feed and give 200 computers to veterans, their families, and high school. Monthly the Texas Workforce Commission sent unemployed veterans who need computers to BDD. The majority of those vets participate in the VRAP Program (Veterans Retraining Assistance Program).

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  4. 4. Computer Olympics held at University of Houston annually: Children who attend summer programs at Child Development Centers, Childcare Centers, after School Programs and Youth Centers throughout the city compete in 14 educational categories, such as Math, Spelling, Keyboarding, Flag Identification and Memory Tests. These schools have Computer Labs provided by Bridging The Digital Divide containing educational software that the contestants use to do practice drills. The winners of each event are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. Gold medal winners will receive a refurbished computer with over 100 educational programs installed and another 100 fun games.


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    Passed Notable Accomplishments


  5. 1. Helped Install TSU’s Aviation Science And Technology Simulator Labs: The Aviation Science and Technology Aviation Science Management degree program combines laboratory simulation training and rigorous academic curriculum in a unique manner that provides a strong foundation for a career as a leader in the field of aviation.
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  6. 2. Katrina Computer Center: Established and maintained Information Technology Center at the George R. Brown
    Convention Center for Katrina victims. The computer technology center provided services to a registered population of over 7,000 evacuees, 1,500 of whom were residents at the Convention Center.

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  7. 3. Wi-Fi Network At Apartment Complex: Established the first Wi-Fi Network at a HUD property designed for the elderly And Physically Challenged. The project provides free computers and Internet to the residents of the Independence Hall apartment complex. Wireless Internet connectivity is a valuable amenity for elderly and Physically Challenged Americans, it gives them 24/7 access needed social services from local, state and federal agencies.
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  8. 4. No Special Needs Child Left Behind: Donate computers to the family of special needs children. Computers help in the educational development of a child with special needs.
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