Jarvis Johnson Support Letter

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Council Member
District B
“Leading by Example”

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February 1, 2008
Johnny Molock
Bridging The Digital Divide
5910 South Loop East
Houston, Texas 77033
Dear Mr. Molock:
As chair of the Human Services and Technology Access Committee, I fully support Bridging The Digital Divide’s mission to improve the academic abilities of pre-k students within the North Forest school district. Many community-based organizations in District B participate in the Read by Six Initiative and your Computer Olympics, so we are familiar with the excellent work your organization is doing for the district’s youth.
Because my district covers more than just North Forest, I look forward to expanding your program throughout District B.  I also look forward to working with BDD and Houston Social Venture Partners to insure the success of future projects.
Please give my thanks to Houston Social Venture Partners for sponsoring the Read by Six Initiative in the North Forest District.  I personally know it will help our youth academically, and I look forward to working with and meeting members of their organization.


Jarvis Johnson

Council Member, District B

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