BDD’s Programs

Read By Five:

BDD’s “Read by Five Initiative” has provided computers containing a pre-k curriculum and other educational software to over 600 schools and Childcare Centers. BDD’s Read by Five Initiative is designed to improve the academic performance levels of children by teaching children how to read by five. BDD installs on all its computers a Read By (5) Computers  Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) oriented Read By (5) Computerized Curriculum.  The Read By (5) Preschool Computerized Curriculum is very Teacher And Student User Friendly.  The Read by (5) Curriculum is endorsed by Dr. Rod Paige, Former Secretary of Education and by the NAACP Houston Education Committee.

Apartment Virtual Learning Computer Centers:

Virtual Computer Centers are installed in low-income apartment complexes, churches, community centers, and City of Houston Parks and Recreation Facilities. These Computer Centers are utilized for STEM Oriented activities, after school homework assistance, online classes, computer literacy training for middle and high school students, and adult literacy training/education and much more. BDD’s goal is to establish a Virtual Learning Computer Centers in every apartment community throughout Houston and the United States.

Veteran’s Digital Inclusion Initiative:

BDD has a partnership with The American Legion Post 416, The Texas Workforce Commission, and Higher Education Institutions to assist unemployed veterans who need computers. BDD has given away over 1,000 computers to veterans and their families.

Computer Olympics:

In 2005 BDD initiated its Computer Olympics Challenge program for children who attend Child Development Centers, After School Programs, and Youth Center Summer Programs. Children compete in 14 different educational categories, such as math, spelling, keyboarding, Flag identification, and memory tests. The age range of students is 2-12. Winners in each student age category are awarded medals (bronze, silver and gold). The Gold winner in each student category is awarded a new completely programmed BDD Read by Five Computer.

To accomplish this mission, BDD recycles used computers that business can no longer use by rebuilding the unit, then installing educational software on it. Each computer is strategically placed in an organization that works with at-risk youth, special needs youth and adults, and the elderly. As a result, education is enhanced through the use of BDD’s technology and educational software.Follow me on social media: